Reality today has given us yet another blatant sign that it’s just given up on itself entirely and is letting it’s estranged Uncle Surreality take a stab at things for a while. While many of us found it a little strange to hear that Bernie Sanders and Public Enemy were teaming up for a concert, the way things have been going lately, the news had left us all pretty much shrugging “…meh, I could see it.”.

But oh… Sly Uncle Surreality wasn’t done yet! In a plot twist that makes even the victims (… sorry, ‘fans’) of six seasons of…

My ‘X-er’ outrage confronts itself in a bid for something deeper than nostalgia.

The Galleria Mall is going to be demolished to make way for… wait for it… condos. You didn’t have to ‘wait for it’, did you? You’ve either heard the news already or simply bet with the house that condos were coming because, that’s all that ever does anymore.

The Galleria Mall Sign in a last ditch effort to confront the banality it helped create.

It’s beyond a joke. It’s beyond cliche. It’s pretty much as sure as gravity. Sure as the sun. If there’s an old structure in this city, of any sort, of any age, of any significance, it will be razed for a condo building. It’s the natural order of things in Toronto.


Pop star Phil Collins on ISS “you can’t tap on anything up here”.

Innocuous 80s Pop Star And Just-Slightly-Above-Unremarkable Prog Rock Drummer’s Space Mission in Question.

April 27, 2016. NASA Headquarters. Washington, DC.

At a press conference earlier this week in Washington DC, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) all but confirmed that no one in the world renowned space agency knows exactly how or why it spent millions of dollars to send pop star Phil Collins into space.

“All we can say for sure is that there was a milti-departmental snafu of some sort that carried this specific mission to fruition.” Spokesperson Danielle Bigley said at the conference. “We believe it started in the mail room as a joke and just… kind of… made…

Kreddible Trout

Kreddible Trout is William Foley is Kreddible Trout depending on what they’re doing.

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